China Watch : MG and Roewe YTD sales up 78%

Automotive News China, 9th December, 2010

Shanghai sales are up 78 per cent
SAIC Motor’s MG and Roewe sales are up 78 per cent in China

Sales of SAIC Motor Corp.’s Roewe and MG brands surged 77 per cent in November to 14,900 units, as the company’s investment in its own models continued to pay off.

For the first 11 months, demand for SAIC Motor’s own-brand models jumped 78 percent to 146,600 units, according to the company. However, the company did not disclose each brand’s individual sales. On the strength of its joint ventures with General Motors Co. and Volkswagen AG, SAIC Motor has become China’s largest domestic automaker.

In 2007, SAIC Motor began to develop its own brands after acquiring MG Rover, the bankrupt English automaker. That same year, SAIC Motor used MG Rover technology to develop its first self-developed car, the Roewe 750. SAIC Motor followed that model with the Roewe 550 and MG6 models, which are built on the same platform.

[Source: Automotive News China]

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Good news, but I can’t help comparing these volumes with the 200,000 capacity level which made Longbridge viable – inevitably it would have happened for political reasons but was it worth all the move and new factory investments?

    It’s also interesting to note that VW expects to take on 50,000 workers globally in 2011, including 6,000 in the not exactly low labour cost country that is Germany. It would be nice if VW could expand its activities in the UK beyond Bentley.

  2. Well lets fast forward to 2022 amd MG and Roewe will be selling about 450,000 cars just in China alone.

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