China Watch : SAIC to buy Regal platform? Too far-fetched…

Ally Liu,, 23rd June, 2009 

Buick Regal - China's Vauxhall Insignia
Buick Regal – China’s Vauxhall Insignia


A recent rumour suggesting that China’s Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) might be intending to purchase the new Buick Regal’s platform appears a little far-fetched, not least in the eyes this Automotive News Editor.

It would be next to impossible for GM to sell the new Regal platform to its Chinese partner, which is a potential rival of GM in its most important market. And SAIC should also think twice before moving the plan forward, as it’s a little premature for it to buy such a platform. They may not have the ability to develop more cars based on it.  

Indeed, given another recent report about GM making the two millionth Buick to be sold in China, we have further reason to believe that the Buick would stay where it is and no platform under that brand would be sold to SAIC.


Clive Goldthorp

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