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Keith Adams

Geneva was awash with new car launches.
Geneva was awash with new car launches.

The 83rd Geneva Motor Show has been stacked with a huge number of new car launches, many of which have been fully described in the weeks leading up to it. But despite that, seeing the cars in the metal for the first time is still very exciting.

There was a special buzz in the supercar sector with the very British McLaren P1 facing up to the comically-named LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno (which looks like a bit of a car crash). But it seemed that the real action was in the B-Segment mini-crossover sector – and many, many carmakers have decided to built their own answer to the highly successful Nissan Juke.

The British manufacturers have been busy, too. Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls-Royce have all debuted new cars at Geneva, and the Japanese manufacturers with big factories here have also some interesting newcomers. The UK built Nissan Qashqai and Note, for instance, are to be joined by the facelifted electric Leaf and Infiniti Q50. And that’s important for the health of Britain’s most industrious car factory. Honda’s Civic Tourer Concept also looks quite appealing too, and should add volume to Swindon’s output.

After a busy 2012, it’s understandable that Jaguar Land Rover has a relatively quiet motor show stand this time around. But with the new Range Rover L405 and Jaguar F-Type taking centre stage, it’s still an impressive place to visit – and in the coming days, many showgoers will get their chance to see these cars for the very first time. Land Rover’s electric Defender Concept looks like a very exciting development, and from the positive response it’s received recently, we’re not the only ones hoping that it goes into production soon. As for MG Motor UK – yup, they weren’t there.

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Keith Adams


  1. I saw the LaFerrari on The Orange Site and thought it was a joke until I saw it here. That would be like calling the new MacLaren the TheMacLaren.
    Oh well.
    Look forwards to reading more…

  2. It was bad enough when MG Rover chose not to attend the Birmingham Motor Show, especially considering that the Rover Group stand in the BMW era was always a hive of activity, so to not show up at probably the biggest show of all is unforgivable.

  3. Thanks for the great pics Keith – very tasteful!
    “The highly successful Nissan Juke” – can this be right? We don’t see many round Cirencester (Gloucestershire) – and in any case, is this what people really want nowerdays? A sort of parody of a toy wizz-wheels?
    I know, I know, I’m old (well, not that old) and grumpy!
    Perhaps the clue is in my name!

  4. Civic Tourer – Honda make stunningly good looking car!

    I’ve still not got over the shock…

  5. @5, The Wolseley Man,

    You won’t see many Nissan Jukes in Cirencester because everybody there drives a Subaru or a Range Rover!

    Ok, slight exaggeration. Used to work there quite often and my Dad lived there until last year.

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