Jaguar XJ : Revealed live and on AROnline tonight

Keith Adams

Come back for the live unveiling of the Jaguar XJ
Come back for the live unveiling of the Jaguar XJ

These images of the new Jaguar XJ can confirm that it’s going to be a great looking car which successfully advances the XF styling scheme and allows the Coventry carmaker to go head to head against the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The wraps will be taken off the XJ live online at 8.15pm BST on Thursday 9th July, 2009 and you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the fuss is about… Shortly after the reveal, we’ll upload pictures and details of what promises to be one of the most significant UK-built new cars of 2009.

TV presenter (and Octane columnist) Jay Leno will be introducing the new car at a star-studded party in London’s Saatchi Gallery. However, just to whet your appetite, we’ve now added three, apparently official, photographs of the new XJ which were leaked onto the Internet earlier today.




Keith Adams


  1. Overall, I give the new XJ a yes.

    It’s a bit difficult to get an idea of scale from the photos; is it larger than the ‘present’ XJ?

    I’m assuming that this is a ‘top spec’ example, so I hope that the wheels don’t get too small on more lowly models. Those arches could look awfully empty.

    The headlamps look better sorted than on the XF and it’s good to see the six light treatment – presumably as a homage to previous XJs – although I’m not all that keen on the ‘c’ pillar treatment. Looks a bit like the old hatchback Granada. Is that bit between the side window and the rear window glass or paint?

    So is it a hatch or does it have a boot? Whilst we’re at the rear end, I suppose that the rear light treatment is to distance it from the XF but it makes the car look a little like the convertible Lexus. Then again Lexus have managed to shift a fair bit of metal, so what do I know?

  2. This looks superb. I have a couple of contacts at Jaguar and both say it looks even better in the metal and is a great drive. I bet Ford are kicking themselves now!!! Well done JAG!!!!

  3. @Simon Woodward

    Just to clarify – before any body picks me up on it – I know that XJs haven’t been six light designs, but the rear door 1/4 light has always had a ‘curve’ to it and this latest shape hints at that.

    I think your comment about seeing it in the metal is justified – I had to see an XF before making my mind up that I really liked it.

    Incidentally, having been at the launch of the S type (no not the first one, I’m not that old!), which was at the factory, it looks like no expense spared this time. Jay Leno to pull back the curtain?! Looks like Jag are going for the American market big style; but then they’ve had so much success there in the past, why not?

    I wish them all best in these hard times and hope they go out and knock the stuffing out of BMW, Lexus, Merc. et al.

  4. This Jag will go head to head with BMW, Lexus and Mercedes. The next goal for Jaguar is to get near to Audi although I think that will take some time.

  5. I was a little bit sceptical when I saw the pictures above as I’m not really a huge fan of the XF, especially the front.

    However, having now seen the live launch and some other videos, I admit that the lines seem to work. Looks like it’s a HUGE car compared to its predecessor (no surprise) and I’m not sure how messy the roof and area around the C/D pillars may look in light colours. Despite that and the heavy borrowing of Bentley/Audi/Citroen styling cues, I still like what I see so far. The words stylish, sleek and elegant spring to mind.

    Good Luck!

  6. I’m astounded by the beauty of this car. The old XJ was a technical masterpiece clothed in a body which was dated from the day it was launched but this is just a stunner. Having said that, the tail light and C Pillar treatment really remind me of my dad’s old Sunbeam Rapier fastback!

    Weirdly, I haven’t seen any XJs around MIRA whereas the A5 was over run with pre-production XFs a couple of years ago.


  7. Personally, I don’t really like the new XJ but, thinking about that, I was probably hoping for an updated version of the classic XJ shape which has been with us so long.

    I suppose that, if Jaguar is to survive and prosper, you could argue that they need new (younger?) business. Whatever, I hope the new XJ does succeed in the market place. Good luck!!

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