News : F-type – pre-Paris leak season in full swing

Nigel Garton

Jaguar F-type

Of course, this ‘leaked’ image of the Jaguar F-type is probably not leaked at all – and the nearer we get to the Paris Motor Show, the more ‘scoops’ like this we’re going to get as embargo after embargo is flagrantly ignored by website editors across the world. But this indiscretion is great news for car fans, who get to see new metal earlier than they anticipated. In the case of Jaguar’s sublime F-type, its styling is no great surprise, as it’s a clear evolution of the C-X16 prototype shown last year, and we already knew it would be launched initially in roadster form only.

It’s expected that the F-type (formerly known as project X152) will be launched with the supercharged V6 and V8 engines, in three states of tune, and that the brand-new all-aluminium platform it’s based on will be stiffer and lighter than anything produced by the company before. Expect over 180mph for the full-fat V8 and sub 5sec 0-60mph times for all versions…

The car is ‘officially’ unveiled on 26 September.

Mike Humble


  1. It looks better than the C-X16 prototype, the lights are more feline and not as japanese as the original design study.

  2. Does not look like a Jaguar! Need to wait to see it in the metal, but first photographs a bit of a disappointment.

  3. I agree with Simon lights arent right…but I do kind of like the overall treatment…but perhaps a little too much ferrari may be with too much asian headlights…alex

  4. It looks superb! Whilst it makes a nod to the spirit of the E-type, Jaguar have not resorted to the type of half arsed retro pastiche that would have been likely a few years back. I love the old cars but Jaguar have realised, unlike many of the “same again” (Audi, Porsche etc)brands, that you need to look ahead and shape design, not just recreate and rehash yesterdays leftovers. So happy at least one premium brand is doing this!! Well done – if I had the money, it would be yours

  5. Hang on the silver one has the new SLK 70’s SLK homage grill, the black one looks like a Skyline, and the red one looks like Spyker!!!

  6. Thank goodness “it doesn’t look like a Jaguar”. Making all their cars look like the motoring equivalent of a Werthers Original damn near put the firm out of business.

    We need to avoid the daft museum pieces and produce modern forward thinking design that has what real Jaguars have always had – contemporary beauty.

    I for one love the look of this – bring it on !!!

  7. The sucessor of the E type is the XK series ( as a true GT)
    The F uses only a heritage type of name (a system that after the X type and S txpe i tought they abandoned ..but….)

  8. Now I know where I’ve seen that grille shape before.

    It’s that gaping maw below the “proper” grille on the 2 litre diesel MINI…

  9. why does everyone hate new jaguars when they built retro designs it just didnt work!If you like retro jags buy an s type or x type and stay in the past.

  10. I’m sure if the Internet had existed in 1961 there would have been plenty of people making derogatory remarks about the new E Type! – The F Type is exactly what Jaguar needs right now.

  11. Sir Mick, are you actually trying to tell me you don’t have enough readies for a new Jag? I’m struggling here, but I guess all the child support payments must take their toll. You’d better call the boys and do a few shows.

  12. Hey, I’m not being derogatory; the idea of being able to get a car as pretty as the Maserati for a few quid less and with better reliability is pretty appealing 😀

  13. This Paris motor show is reminiscent of Earls Court 1970. The simultaneous launch by the same British manufacturer of a Luxury 4×4 and a drop top V8 – 1970: Triumph Stag and Range Rover, 2012: Jaguar XF and Range Rover. What a pity we now have to rely on foreign shows for these unveilings

  14. @Simon..
    The original E-type was a true sports car, never a GT! utter nonsence to sugest otherwise. It was also very cheap for what it was I suspect the F-type will only get half of one of these right

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