Video : Jaguar F-Pace breaks Guinness World Record


This actually happened. Jaguar’s 80th year as a car manufacturer seems to be going pretty well at the moment and, to celebrate the impending launch of the F-Pace at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company decided to lay on a gravity-defying loop-the-loop run, which was officially accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The loop formed the zero in a 63-foot-tall 80 denoting the company’s landmark and, after the run was completed, a New Year’s-style firework display wooed those at the record-breaking run. The driver was Terry Grant and, during the loop, the car pulled an impressive 6.5g. You can find out all about the run in the video below.


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    • Yes, but you’d be surprised how much coverage any stunt will get.
      And as we all know – to paraphrase an old saying – any coverage is good coverage. Anyway, if you can’t do something silly on your 80th, when can you do it?

  1. The company is actually celebrating its 84th birthday as a car manufacturer ( including the SS years 1931-1945 ) , it is only the model name ( which of course became the company name in 1945 ) which is 80 years old

    • Never mind, the facts are seldom worried about as the sale of the ‘2 millionth defender’ demonstrates. This ignores entirly the fact that the first ‘defender’ would be a 1983 90 which was a rebodied Range Rover, and not the first 1948 series 1 landorover.

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