News : Record year for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover scored its best ever global sales in 2016, with a total of 583,313 vehicles. This is an increase of 20 per cent over 2015, and almost triple the 2009 figure.

Sales in December were up 12 per cent compared to the same month last year, with a huge month in China, which was 36 per cent up – its strongest monthly performance on record. That figure is backed up by strong performances in the UK, North America and Europe.

Europe remained JLR’s largest sales region in 2016 with sales of 138,695 for the year, with the home market faring well – a total of 117,571 Jaguars and Land Rovers were bought here, a record for the company.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, said: ‘This has been a significant year for Jaguar Land Rover, with updated models being introduced across the range, as well as the completely new Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Jaguar F-Pace. It is particularly pleasing to see Jaguar setting impressive new sales records.’

Jaguar growth – there’s more to come

Jaguar sales were up 77 per cent for the year, finding homes for 148,730 cars. This was the company’s strongest ever full-year performance and was primarily driven by sales of the F-Pace, XE and XF. These new models have propelled Jaguar to become the fastest growing premium carmaker in the USA, outpacing the industry by 116 per cent.

Globally, F-Pace sales were especially strong, with 45,973 sold throughout the year. Jaguar received 71 awards in 2016 for its products, with the F-Pace amassing more than a third of these. In November, the Jaguar XF won Germany’s top car award, the Golden Steering Wheel, after being voted ‘Best Saloon’ in the Mid-Full-size category.

Land Rover – consolidation in 2016

Land Rover retailed a record 434,583 vehicles in 2016, up 8 per cent up on 2015. The previous Discovery model entered its run-out phase, meaning that sales softened slightly ahead of the all-new Land Rover Discovery 5 going on sale in February 2017.

The best-seller for the year was the Discovery Sport, retailing 122,460 vehicles, up 76 per cent. Also notable were sales of the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport, selling a total of 200,245 vehicles. In 2016, Land Rover received 83 awards for its products, with the Discovery Sport taking home an impressive 33 of these.

Jaguar Land Rover sales growth in 2016

% increase
year on year
financial year
% increase
year on year
 Jaguar Land Rover 583,313 +20% 521,571 +13%
 Jaguar 148,730 +77% 94,449 +23%
 Land Rover 434,583 +8% 427,122 +11%
Keith Adams


  1. It just shows you how a successful new model can turn things around, (the F-Pace). Jaguar dealers had nothing for the very large SUV market, now they have. No more do well-off people wanting an SUV, and with money jingling in their pockets, have to walk past the local Jaguar agent

  2. 122,000 Disco Sports a year is an incredible number when you think about it.

    Nearly 20 years since the Freelander was launched, I hope this get commemorated, as for all its faults it was a brilliant design and a real trailblazer.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Jaguar will exceed the 200.000 mark by this time next year, what with a full years F Pace production and some E Pace production as well?

    • The Jaguar range could do with an estate/tourer model in the XE and XF ranges. If they had a coupe and convertible models as well in these ranges they would have the market tied up.

      • The XF estate based on the first generation model is still available and is due to be replaced by a new generation XF estate later on this year.

      • Not sure if serious. You think a relatively small company like JLR should be making the XE and XF as saloon, estate, coupe and convertible? There’s no way they could achieve the sales numbers to make those niche models profitable.

        I agree an XE coupe would look great and would take the fight to the 4-series and A5, but I don’t think JLR has the resources to take on the German giants and build cars to fill every single niche.

        Question for those with access to the sales data – how many XF Sportbrakes did JLR actually end up selling in the real world? They looked nice, but did they actually sell that many?

        • The world and his dog all want SUVs, and those who want something sleeker and more “sporty” buy SUV coupes!

          There is still a market for “normal” coupes though, the styling of the XE or XF would translate nicely into a 2 door version, it’s a question of priorities. It seems sad that Alfa currently produce nothing in this class, with their heritage

  4. I’d have added another “1” to those figures if the silly s*ds hadn’t put the Discovery 4 out of production, 5 months before its (nominal) replacement becomes available! Grrr…

  5. Sales in the USA are a factor to the overall number gains for JRL. One sign is that JLR is moving its USA HQ to a site that will be larger, more convenient in the same town (Mahwah, NJ) currently used by Sharp Electronics (they are moving to a smaller facility in a nearby town). The new facility was the site of a Ford car assembly plant from the mid-1950′ to the 1980’s.
    Yes the JLR product is superior in appearance and class vs. Mercedes and BMW, but I am concerned that the next likely economic recession, exchange rate ups and downs, the Brexit and other issues may drag their numbers down.

  6. Fantastic result and there must have been some serious hard work to deliver all the new product, production sites and recruit new staff. With the Discovery 5 and rumoured additional Jaguar SUV due out next hopefully more growth to come. Also look forward to new engine range.

    Pity about the estates, I can’t be the only one waiting for the XF estate, though shame no XE estate planned as would love a 2.0Turbo to replace my 330D touring.

  7. The XF Sportbrake hasn’t been available since 2015 when the new aluminium model was launched, I know because I tried to get a new one on lease. The new model Sportbrake is due this year the dealer tells me, so I had to settle for an XE saloon instead.

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