News : Ex-Maestro Challenge car goes up for sale

MG Maestro Challenge race car

An ex-Maestro Challenge race car is going up for auction in an online sale which begins on 30 March. The car, which ran in the race series between 1986-1990 has been lightly recommissioned and is ready to go historic racing.

The Maestro Challenge was an in-house race series that ran alongside the Metro Turbo Challenge and incorporated circuit racing, a rally sprint, hillclimb and auto tests – a multi-discipline set of events designed to really test the drivers.

Notable people who competed in the series included Jeff Allam, Jenny Birrell, Tony Dron, celebrated rallycross driver Will Gollop, Mark Hales, the legendary Tony Pond, rally drivers David Llewellin and Malcolm Wilson and even Formula 1® World Champion Damon Hill.

This race car was first registered in January 1986 and competed in the first round of the Maestro Challenge just two months later. It started out as a MG Maestro EFI, and was converted into a competition car from new and that has been its primary role ever since.

For 1986 the car was entered by the Dutton Forshaw dealer group and competed in all of the MG Maestro Challenge events – it was the most successful of all, being the only car to win the Challenge in two separate years. The car’s current livery reflects its racing colours on track between 1986-1989. In 1990, the car’s sponsorship was changed, reflecting changed ownership.

The car competed in 1990 (when it won the series again) and 1991 – since then, it was rebuilt in 2005 and raced at selected events. The seller acquired the car in 2020 and returned it to its original race colours during its recommissioning – and it’s now being offered for sale, MoT’d for the road and ready to go…

Keith Adams


  1. I really wouldn’t like to drive that on road – the roll cage looks impassable. But I do remember the 2.0i engine was a very nice transplant into the Maestro; powerful, torquey, and well planted on the road.

    • I agree : that roll cage looks horribly dangerous to me, with the likelihood of a crush injury being quite high in any frontal impact . I have never seen anything quite like it

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