MG : Move over Fastback, hello 6GT…

Adam Sloman

MG's more famous 'GT'

MG Motor UK has today announced that, from now on in the UK, the MG6 Fastback will be referred to officially as the MG6 GT. A notice posted on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages stated:

‘You may think that you know everything there is to know about the MG6 but we have one more surprise up our sleeve – the name. To date we have referred to the MG6 only as the ‘fastback’ and the ‘saloon’. Today we are proud to announce that the MG6 fastback, launched nationwide this weekend, will be known as the MG6 GT.

‘This first car of the new generation is stylish and modern and captures the essence of the qualities that have always underpinned the MG brand – what better way to celebrate our return than to share aspects of the name with the most famous fastback from our rich history.’

The use of a name from the past is nothing new, of course, but it does seem to demonstrate a willingness to link the newest generation of MGs with those from the marque’s heyday in the 1960s. That said, whether or not the 6 truly fits the traditional ‘Gran Turismo’ bill is a matter of debate and one we’d love to hear your thoughts on.

However, it’s an intriguing way to differentiate between the fastback and the soon-to-be-launched saloon – perhaps the saloon could be come the MG6 Magnette…

Anyway, with the 6’s official Dealer Launch scheduled for this weekend, together with the start of television advertising (the first ad is set to be broadcast this Saturday) and a new slogan (‘It’s time to fall in love again’), MG will be keen to underline the new car’s sporting ability to both MG diehards and newcomers alike.

MG's GT for 2011 - but is it a true Grand Tourer?


  1. What makes a car a Grand Tourer? I don’t think that the old MGB GT would have been as suitable for touring the continent as the new one will probably be.

  2. I think the MG6 GT looks terrific in red. I actually drove one today and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

    Most reviews that I’ve seen give it three out of five stars but I’d maybe give it three and a half, possibly four, out of five.

    I had a run in the middle of range SE version. The positives? Well, it looks good; has comfortable, supportive seats; is very well equipped; feels very solid (good shutlines etc.); has a big boot; feels quite spacious inside; drives beautifully.

    The negatives? The gear change wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked (and only a 5-speed box); the handbrake feels slightly odd though I’m sure one would get used to it in time; and leg room is a little tight in the back if the driver has his seat all the way back.

    I feel cautiously optimistic about the car and this whole new MG operation. The car is good (bordering on very good). It looks and feels far better than I had been expecting. I reckon that, if they can build them well and keep refining them, MG should have a very bright future indeed.

    Would I buy one? Ideally, I need a Mondeo/Insignia/Mazda 6 size of car but, if I was considering a Focus or a Golf then, the MG6 would be a serious contender.

  3. GT? I don’t see why not. It’s okay with this engine and the emphasis on driveability. Mind you, if they do a 1.6-litre version later on, GT really wouldn’t fit – but then neither would the MG badge.

  4. @Mark
    The BGT is, of course, a lot older. A GT should look great, be long and low, have two doors, thick C-pillars, be a front-engined V6, V8, V10 or V12 and wear the badge of a great brand. Think Jaguar XJS.

  5. The Peugeot 205 GT and Volkswagen Golf GT weren’t that special and GTS simply meant hatchback when applied to the last Opel Vectra, so, why not MG6 GT?

  6. I do, to be honest, have fond memories of the Fastback name, particularly from its association with the Rover 800 Series back in 1988. However, I think that the use of the alternative ‘GT’ moniker for the MG6 will likely be more effective in conveying its sporting aspirations.

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