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New age MG TF has had its price reduced
New age MG TF has had its price reduced

MG UK is implementing the full 2.5% VAT reduction on the TF LE500 from 1st December 2008.

The TF LE500 is now priced at £16,055 following the Government’s announcement to cut VAT from 17.5% to 15%.

The TF LE500 comes with a host of features like hard top, rear parking sensors, leather seats and air conditioning as standard, providing a very high level of specification at an extremely competitive price.

With numerous technical and cosmetic innovations, the LE500 comes with a higher performing engine, a new interior, revamped exterior styling and updated suspension, drive train and braking systems. Whilst maintaining the fundamental look and feel of the immensely popular TF, the LE500 has been extensively re-engineered and is hand built at Longbridge.

Gary Hagen, Director of Sales and Marketing said ‘The TF LE500 already represents great value for money and now the recent reduction in VAT makes it an extremely compelling proposition for customers’.

[Source: MG Enthusiast Magazine]

Keith Adams


  1. “Whilst maintaining the fundamental look and feel of the immensely popular TF, the LE500 has been extensively re-engineered…”

    If only it had been “immensely popular”.

  2. It would seem the only people that are enthusiastic about this car are the staff at MG Enthusiast magazine, but they have to be paid to like it! I still say if you want one, buy a three or four year old MG TF and save yourself £8k.

  3. Are all retailers obliged to lower the VAT anyway? Its not something MG have specially done for their customers out of some kind of goodwill!

  4. Ok, point taken – but sadly it wasn’t “immensely popular” enough to prevent MGR going bankrupt though.

  5. @Wilko
    True, but considering its profit margin was 15% compared to the industry standard 5-ish % it did a pretty damn good job at trying though. The management at the top were a bunch of morons – that’s what made MGR lose money.

  6. In my opinion it was the Trade and Industry Secretary (Patricia Hewitt) who closed MG Rover by scaring the crap out of their suppliers and causing them all to ask for their money at the same time.

    That’s why MG Rover closed.

    As for the top management at the time
    Morons not the right word
    as what they did was very clever
    eg. not using the 500 Million that BMW offered to the workers
    for redudancy but convincing the Labour Govt. that they would use it to run the business instead.

    Not the work of morons……con-men perhaps….?

  7. Any idea how many 500’s have been registered so far? (If I were still unfamilied I would seriously have considered one

  8. New-age? Even with 2.5% off VAT I still struggle to see the point of TF LE500 as following a quick look on Auto Trader, for a mere £10499 a July 08 MX-5 could be yours. No contest in my opinion

  9. This is just depressing, as it seems that they haven’t sold the 500 LEs yet. I thought this article would be about a more fundamental price decrease.

    Wrong car in the wrong times!

    Oh me miserum.

  10. 123 cars sold to end of November is not great considering quite a few will be registered as press cars/dealer demos’, although probably reflects the disastrous market for new car sales at the moment, especially for sports cars. Very unfortunate timing in the economic cycle for launching this car…..

    I think a much more significant price drop will be required to shift the remaining cars, something around £13,500 or even less…..

  11. I really do wish the workers well and hope Longbridge again experiences success but I fail to understand who would want to buy this. The MX 5 is miles ahead and this is basically a minor refurb of a 90s relic. This will always be the problem with UK Car manufacturers – the shelf life is far too long, that’s what kills the sales; most manufacturers revamp models every 4-5 years yet the brits? The rover 45 was 11 years old at the end, the 25 was nearly 10 years old. People don’t want a rehashed car, British designers can produce excellent cars but they never make it to the showroom! Why?

  12. Not the best time of the year to launch an open top car is it really?

    Will people rush out and buy one in the current economic cliamte, I think not… I feel that this model will sink before it has swam.

    If VW introduce Golf 6 after only 4 years of Golf 5 what hope is there for a car originally launched 13 years ago.. Unlucky for some?

  13. As above,with the current cliamte they don’t stand much of a chance with a very old design & expensive price tag.Sorry but this should all have been put to rest with the end of MG-Rover,let it all R.I.P.

  14. Perhaps someone could tell the dealers. There is still one advertising them at £16,399, pre-registered.

    Another dealer is selling one with 25 miles on the clock for £14,494. That one is no 26 of 500.

    I doubt that many of the cars that have been registered have actually been sold. I have never seen on on the road. Most of the cars will just have been pre-registered to the dealers.

    There seem to be over 30 pre-registered ones, that are essentially brand new, for sale at the moment.

    It could be worse though. Someone is offering a Jaguar XF with 3,100 miles on the clock at more than £6,300 than he will have paid for it. £2.00 per mile in depreciaton alone on a car that was supposed to be popular and have a waiting list.

  15. I’m told the TF pricing will start sub £14K once we get beyond the LE500.

    The notion that the MG TF, whatever its strengths and weaknesses, is a relic, is utter tosh.

    There’s another revamped mid-engined, mid-nineties sports car out there. It’s called the Porsche Boxster. Is that a relic?

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