MG TF LE500 : Lowest bid wins on Auctionair

MG TF up for grabs
MG TF up for grabs

MG Motor UK Limited (MG UK) and online auction website Auctionair are currently offering Limited Edition No. 123 of the 500 Limited Edition MG TF LE500s made at Longbridge in a reverse auction at

Each person participating in a reverse auction simply chooses the lowest price which he or she thinks no one else will choose and enters that as his or her bid – the lowest unique bid wins. However, any AROnline readers wishing to participate should also note the following points:-

1) a maximum of 1150 bids are required,

2) an entry fee of £17.00 must be paid for each bid,

3) the maximum number of bids per person is 10,

4) the minimum bid is £1.00.

More information can be found on the relevant page of Auctionair’s website but, at the time of writing, both MG UK’s Press Release and Auctionair omit one pretty important detail: the colour of TF LE500 No. 123!

[Source: MG UK]

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Are we to assume that TF sales are so bad, NAC-MG have taken to raffling the exhumed roadster in a desperate attempt to shift stocks?

  2. Perhaps they’re testing the market to ascertain what an acceptable retail price is for the TF.

  3. We have friends that work there and they have now made another thirty redundant on top of the temps at christmas but its full time staff now,unfortunately a sign of the times. Let’s hope they recover as it seems to have gone very quiet.

  4. Why is it the only comments are those made by SMUG Bastards. They Never have any good to say. Well MG I for one wish you well and hope you make it through the hard times. We have a MGF, it is great fun and we would not sell it.

  5. Why is it the only comments are those made by SMUG Bastards?

    Hmmm, well I too have owned an MGF and TF and agree they were a good car in their day which was 14 years ago!

    I think the point that people are trying to make is that they really should be pensioned off which is proven by the fact that no one is buying them and MG are laying off staff. Smug or realistic?

    My friend has a very mint low miles 2004 TF and was offered £1950 trading it in…..need I say more?

  6. Likewise, I’ve owned a F and a TF and I pretty much know them inside out. It is not us being cynical, but NAC or SAIC or MG Europe or whatever they are calling themselves today. Same old car, new price. Only why lie over the sales? From all 500 being sold out, to just a hundred finding private buyers.

  7. I understand that all 500 TF LE500s have been sold to MG UK’s Dealer Network and that, according to the SMMT’s New Car Registration data, 184 had been registered by the end of March, 2009. MG UK are, presumably, entitled to make a distinction between trade and retail sales…

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