News : Jensen C-V8 Concept for sale

Sam Skelton

Not so shiny now, but a unique opportunity.

Jensen’s 2000 C-V8 concept car is for sale. The car, built in Redditch, was part of the last attempt to revive a name now owned by Healey Sports Cars Switzerland Ltd and expected to return on a new incarnation of the Interceptor model.  Not entirely unlike a Shelby Daytona in style, this coupé concept, which is based on the S-V8 and known to be the only example built, was found recently in a warehouse in Southampton.

Marque specialist Andrew Cassar, whose first car was an original C-V8, currently has custody of this unique car. ‘This has to be one of the most exciting finds in the Jensen world for a long time. The car is unique, basically complete, but requires restoration.’

However, this car was based upon the initial S-V8 prototype and, as such, shares little of its underpinnings with the 30 or so production SV-8s which were completed. Jensen experts have therefore suggested that the most viable option in terms of making this car roadworthy would be to transplant the unique body onto S-V8 components – such are the many differences between the two chassis.

Offers in the region of £12,500 are invited for the C-V8 concept. Any interested parties should contact Andrew Cassar on +44 (0)7887 643838 and the car is also currently for sale on eBay.



  1. I remember photographing the C-V8 concept at the 2000 British Motor Show and being stunned at how it offered a contemporary interpretation of the original Interceptor. I recall saying to staff on the Jensen stand how much I liked it and hoped that it would enter production.

    This design concept really ought to take pride of place inside the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon for fellow enthusiasts to admire and enjoy.

  2. I was working on a stand near Jensen at the 2000 motorshow, and remember admiring it. How could someone let it get to that state?

  3. Hmm, would you part with £12k for a completely rotten car that’s been “found”, to a bloke on a mobile phone?

    Neither would anyone else, judging by e-bay: the sale ended on the 7th Oct with, er, zero bids!!

  4. Now ya see.. That’s so much better looking than the “modern” interceptor renderings we saw a few weeks back.

  5. Sorry, but what a piece of old rubbish. The interior looks like something my 14 year old niece could knock up on a rainy afternoon….

  6. Eh, never mind mobile numbers – their eBay advert for an FF project has that “idiot warning” of “I have the right to remove it”.

    I always imagine that phrase being screeched in desperation. With capitals around the words “I” and “right”. Sometimes, I imagine them clutching a bunch of parliamentary bills full of these mysterious “rights”, that they don’t understand, but are VERY AWARE that they HAVE THEM.

    Just as a general rule, the correct phrasing is “I don’t have the balls to let this auction run, I’m too thick to understand how reserves work, and I’ve stuck it in the Co-op and on Pistonheads so if someone comes up with the cash I’m going to pull the auction even if you have placed a bid and the reserve is met, regardless of the contractual legality of this action, because really, what are you going to do about it?”

  7. The coupe does wonders for the overall impression of the CV8. I was lukewarm about the roadster, finding it not all that exotic or sleek. What was always appealing was the restraint taken on the physical size of the chassis, since so many of the new exotics are gargantuan in width and wheelbase to no real purpose.

  8. Sorry for the silly question, but such a car can be put on road? Is homologated to get the plates????

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