News : McLaren MP4-12C drops its top

McLaren MP4-12C Spider
McLaren MP4-12C Spider

McLaren Automotive has announced its second model, the 620bhp, twin-turbo V8-engined, open roofed 12C Spider. The 12C Spider is based on the same super stiff carbonfibre MonoCell chassis as its hardtop sibling and is claimed to drive just as well as its hard-topped sister.

One man used to excitement behind the wheel is Jenson Button. McLaren questioned him at last weekend’s European Grand Prix about what speed means to him, the connection he feels with the machine he drives and about what he senses when driving a 190mph open top car. But is he talking about his MP4-27 Formula 1 car or the 12C Spider?  Go to to find out.

More information on this new addition to the McLaren Automotive range will be released in the next few days when ordering commences across the company’s network of retailers.

Keith Adams


  1. It will be very interesting how they acchieve the same stiffnes of the chassis without the roof

    but a beautifull car

  2. It’s just a bit boring though, it looks and feels like a car designed to be 100% efficient (like an F1 car) rather than as a result of someone’s dreams and emotion. Even the name is dull…

  3. I prefer the MC f1.I dont know what camp i fall in with this car,a plutocrats toy,an oligarchs second car or what.One thing is for sure its expensive,niche and isnt a ferrari-thats not a critisism though,An ariel atom or exige can blow your mind round the track far cheaper than this so could a megane R26R for a fraction of the price.And you wont have to worry about them getting keyed everytime you park up.Good for the jobs its created for everyone involved,but pointless to ordinary people,but maybe im missing the point.

  4. It does have a very clinical sounding name, a bit like a washing machine serial number. Of course Jenson would rave about it, it will be in his contract to. The trouble is, people with this kind of dosh will be hard to pull from the clutches of Ferrari & Lambo, and chopping the roof off, just makes the interior a gozz magnet, and shows of the owner’s bald patch, and often dubious taste in music. It’s a car for the Clarksonites, i.e blokes in their early 50s, with loads of disposable income.

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