News : McLaren P12 teased for Paris reveal

Keith Adams

McLaren P12 to be unveiled at Paris

The much anticipated McLaren hypercar – codenamed P12 – is to be unveiled at the Paris motor show at 16.45 on Thursday 27 September. This teaser image of the spiritual successor to the legendary F1 is all you’re going to see before the big reveal – which will be shown live on the McLaren Automotive Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The new car will bristle with Formula 1 technology, and which many anticipate will be powered by a development of the MP4-12C’s Ricardo-built V8 combined with KERS to produce something north of 700bhp – finally meaning that McLaren’s fastest motor will no longer be the 231mph (241 without limiter) F1, introduced in 1992.

McLaren Automotive will use this stage to showcase future plans, and unveil to the world its strategy to fast forward the world of automotive at a press conference. The stage is set, and the story will unfold over the coming weeks through the official McLaren Automotive social media channels on the car that will vie with the Jaguar C-X75 for the title of the ultimate British supercar. It’s going to be a fascinating battle.

Keith Adams


  1. McLaren is, in my eyes, too full of itself.
    I don’t like the McLaren X-1 they showed a month back. OK, it was a one off but it is hidious! I also think McLaren is quite arrogant dismissing Ferrari for building 12-cilinder engines (Evo issue 172 or 173). And I am no big fan of that MP4 C12 or whatever it’s called. I would choose a 458 over it any day.
    I think McLaren peaked with the F1 in 1994…
    After that we got SLR McLaren which was a heavy and graceful as a shed. Nice engine though.
    So my expectations of the P12 are not too high, but who knows, maybe McLaren can surprise me.

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