News : New Qashqai teased ahead of November launch

Nissan Qashqai 2014

Britain’s largest car producer, Nissan, has teased the 2014 Qashqai ahead of its launch in little over a week’s time. Nissan says the launch of the car that it describes as, ‘the most significant car in its modern history’, will redefine the crossover sector and set new standards across the board. As the backbone of production from the massive factory in Washington, near Sunderland, the success of the third generation of this car is instrumental in the ongoing growth of the UK car industry as a whole.

These images give little away about the new Qashqai, but Nissan promises that it will push the boundaries of design and innovation. What we can confirm is that it’s going to have natty looking DRLs and will continue with the same well-established tall-bodied, two-box, semi-MPV/SUV look that punters in the sub-£20,000 family car sector love so much currently. We’ve heard that it will be receiving a new smaller petrol engine to complement its diesel line-up and will also be a major step-forward in terms of driver and passenger tech.

With its market sector proving a massive growth area right now, with new rivals appearing on an almost weekly basis, Nissan will be working very hard to ensure that it retains its sales lead in the UK. Stay tuned for further updates as the launch draws closer…

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  1. I’m sure it will be a success like the current car… they seem to be everywhere on UK roads.

    I’ve seen used one’s advertised by Nissan dealers at quite high prices despite being older (2008) with highish mileages too. They must have good resale values?

  2. I just hope they don’t launch it with more of those urban landscape/wasteland TV ads – this must alienate most of their customers.

  3. “Nissan promises that it will push the boundaries of design and innovation”

    What a load of utter baloney. Probably means that it will have a naff digital speedo and some useless electronic gizmos that will need a degree in computer programming to use (or a 5 year old) and will just go wrong and be impossible to fix.

    The current squashy is a modern Ford Cortina. Perhaps the next one will be a modern Ford Sierra.

  4. let’s hope that the build quality and durability is better, I’ve known a few people who’ve had serious issues with their original CashCows.

  5. I can’t see how a Qashqai can ever be called a boring eurobox . Nissan have consistently pushed the boundaries of design with this car?…..the car can still turns heads, like it or not….or is it just me?

  6. Slartybartfast my dear fellow, it really is just you!
    The Quashqai actually defines the term boring euro box.
    People are turning their heads to see the eight year old Rover 75 gliding silently past the retched thing!
    Big smile (but can’t find one on the I Pad).
    Great news for UK manufacturing though and as long as someone buys them it’ll keep lots of our fellow humanoids in work! Good old Nissan I say!
    Of course if the new Quashything is as vomit inducing ugly as the Joke then I do think in all honesty Nissan should issue sick bags for all the rest of us!
    Another smile!

  7. the 75 is very beautifull the cash cow very ugly no comparison on the style front. how many more gadgets can be crammed into modern cars to try and sell em. what will happen when all that techno is out of date? like a mobile phone!!! will you just throw it away..??? how can modern cars ever hope to be around in 40 years as classics, the technology will be obselete long before and so unable to fix.

  8. @12
    I stand corrected sir, I Mistook to Quashqai for the Juke…. How dumb is that? Both are not my cup of tea but the Juke, like or loath it is very different. They sell and are British made so I will love them anyway!….smiley face.

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