News : Top 10 most read stories on AROnline in 2018

Keith Adams links back to the ten most-read pages on AROnline over the past year. There’s been some interesting changes in what we’re all reading – and it seems a lot of you love the 2001 MINI…

AROnline is the Internet’s first port of call for new, used and classic British car news – and features – and, during 2018, we attracted more than 1.8 million unique users (which isn’t too shabby for a niche website like this).

Here, then, are the most popular individual stories you read throughout the year…

  1. Buying guide: 2001-2007 MINI (R50)
  2. Engines: K-Series
  3. Engines: A-Series
  4. Blog: Brexit – we need a rethink before it’s too late
  5. Concepts and prototypes: Rover P8 (1966-1971)
  6. The cars: Jaguar X-Type (X400) development story
  7. BL50: AROnline readers choose the 10 greatest BLMC cars
  8. The cars: Austin Allegro (ADO67) development story
  9. The cars: Princess (ADO71) development story
  10. Best of British: Gardner 6LX diesel engine

If nothing else, it would appear that the most popular development story is now the Jaguar X-Type (after years of it being the Rover 75), and that AROnline readers love debating Brexit when they’re not researching engines.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support throughout the year – and special thanks to the Contributors, Mike Humble, Alexander Boucke, Ian Nicholls, Clive Goldthorp and David Morgan for their excellent contributions throughout this year.

Long may it continue!

Jaguar X400 design sketch
Jaguar X400 design sketch
Keith Adams


  1. PMSL @ Simon

    Not ideal, stiletto’s are murder for punching holes in the carpet too.

    Also equally useless for wigging into situ, Cortina gearboxes, my ankle still smarts on a cold damp morning!

  2. Good to see a heavy diesel engine that ceased production some 26 years ago scrape into the top 10 too.

  3. I would love to read articles on the O series Diesel engines and L series engines. Would love to hear what perkins engineers did to convert the O series petrol to diesel

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