News : The Top 20 stories on AROnline in 2021

It’s that time of the year again, so we’re looking back at the Top 10 most popular stories on AROnline in 2021 according to Google Analytics data.

We’ve broken down the figures and ranked the top stories to show what you’ve been reading throughout the year.

AROnline trends in 2021


Just like 2020, many people stayed at home throughout 2021 which might have been tough, but it did mean many continued to hit the site. Readership numbers remained solid, which is good news for the site’s continued existence in its twentieth year. Thank you one and all for continuing to support AROnline.

Once again, the numbers and what pages are being hit shows that we’re dependent on Google – those stories that sit on page one of the search engine continue to attract significant numbers of readers. I think that, going forwards in 2022, we’ve been given permission by you to cover more imported cars as long as it’s through the lens of a UK perspective and, as such, covering a wider selection of cars should be an interesting experience.

It’s also nice to see that many of you are continuing to visit AROnline and are commenting in some of the most informed automotive debate online – around 1.6 million uniques in 2021 – and I, for one, would like to thank each and every one of you for visiting, and giving me a reason to stay sane in these continually crazy times.

Top 20 stories in 2021

1: MINI buying guide

2: K-Series engine

3: AuctionWatch/eBay Find of the Week: 1971 Morris Marina

4: Austin Maxi development story

5: Rover 55: concepts and prototypes

Rover 55 project

6: MINI development story

7: A-Series engine

8: Hillman Imp development story

9: Alfasud development story

10: Rover V8 engine

11: Innocenti 90/120 development story

12: Austin Allegro concepts and prototypes

13: British Leyland: The grand illusion

14: Ford Zephyr/Zodiac development story

15: Review: Best 1970s hatchbacks

Austin Maxi vs Renault 16 vs Volkswagen Passat

16: Best of British: Gardner 6LX diesel engine

17:  Vauxhall Viva development story

18:  Mini Clubman development story

19: Rover 200/25 development story

20: Citroën Axel/Oltcit Club development story

I’m always looking for suggested topics to cover on AROnline, as well as contributions from people who have a tale to tell – be it as an enthusiast, or someone with an inside perspective. Every last piece of information makes the story we’re telling even richer.

Keith Adams

Rover 200 (R3) five-door

Keith Adams

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