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Keith Adams

Jaguar F-type (picture:

Although the F-type isn’t revealed officially until the Paris Motor Show, it already feels as though we know all there is to know about Jaguar’s exciting new two-seater. The supercharged open-topped two-seater enters uncharted territory for its maker, and although we don’t know the official line about pricing, it’s a good bet that the car will be priced within firing range of the impressive Porsche Cayman.

We’ll have to wait until Paris for a full download, but for now, enjoy these testing videos of the F-type, and the latest leaked images to hit the Internet (when will the makers ever learn?). And remember to turn up your speakers!

F-type: Fierce

F-type: Focused

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  1. Looks like Jaguar are throwing a lot of expertise in the F- Type Project as you’d expect. Looks very promising and sounds good too… Certainly JLR seem to be on the crest of a wave at the moment and hope it continues.

  2. I just wonder if Maserati are going to do an Apple, and sue. That car looks alot like several of their recent products. Slap a crown badge in the middle of that whalemouth grille and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Jag and a Maserati from the front.
    I wish designers would come up with something new, not endless rehashes of things that look like Granada Scorpios that have been attacked by a belt sander – or endlessly flabbier copies of the same old thing (Peugeot 205 – 208 is a good example).
    An updated version of some of Virgil Exners stuff, or releasing production versions of some of their concept cars (the Chrysler V16 for example, or the ME412).

    This for me, to coin a phrase, is ‘much of a meh-ness’

  3. My only criticism is that shouldn’t compare it with the E-Type.. if anything, spiritually (though not necessarily by aesthetics), this car reminds me of a D-Type racing attitude.

    E-Type felt naturally more like a grand tourer. To large to regularly race in European events but still fast enough to hold it’s own.

    Like the D-Type, F-Type is far more focussed… can’t wait for the F-Type R madness.

  4. @7.. Have you EVER driven an E-Type? a real one I mean, not a V12. I have, and I’ve driven a D-type (and played in one as a kid 3CPF, formerly 77RW) The E-type is every bit the sports racing car. In fact it won first time out at the easter goodwood meeting in the hands of Greaham Hill, and the car did win a lot of races.

  5. The F-type would look a whole lot better if it had round headlights instaead of those stupid looking ones and an oval grille..

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