XPart : New range of Classic Mini parts launched

There are around 35,000 Classic Mini owners in the UK and demand for genuine Classic Mini parts continues to grow.  XPart has therefore now introduced a range of new and improved front and rear bumpers as well as bonnet bars for the much-loved British icon.

The bonnet bars will be made from stainless steel using MG Rover original tooling, while the stainless steel bumpers will be manufactured using modern production methods in order to produce smoother ends and a cosmetically enhanced finish. The new parts will be priced as follows: Mini bumper (DPB10166SLP) – £42.46, and Mini top bar (ALA6559MMM) – £16.96. 

‘Classic Mini maintenance and restoration is fundamental to keeping the cars in good condition as they continue to increase in value,” comments Barry Smith, UK Sales Manager, XPart. ‘Our new front and rear bumpers and bonnet bars are being manufactured to the highest standards and offer a superior quality replacement for original equipment that may now be corroded and in need of replacing.

“Fitting non-genuine bumpers can cause problems for owners, particularly in terms of their unfinished razor-like ends. They can also be difficult to fit, resulting in hours of additional labour. Non-genuine rear bumpers can often be the wrong width, and when fitted can foul the back panel and rear lights. Non-genuine front bumpers also pose difficulties as the holes are often in the wrong place and need to be filed out in order for them to locate properly.”

[Source: XPart]

Clive Goldthorp

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