Bangernomics bible


Bangernomics Bible
Bangernomics Bible

It’s always good reading James Ruppert’s stuff, so when he flagged up that the new Bangernomics Bible was out, I had to grab myself a copy. James said to me that he doesn’t think that I need this book, but I really do beg to differ.

Bought in the dark? Check
Bought in the rain? Check
Bought sight unseen from eBay? Check
Bought without haggling? Check

Yes, so all those things you really shouldn’t do when buying a new banger, I am guilty of. So I did take time reading this book, and enjoyed learning the way to actually buy cars.

If you’re in the market for a new old car, then this book is £9 well spent. Not because it teaches you anything you don’t already know – because it doesn’t. What it does do, though, in great clarity (and rather amusingly) is guide you through the processes step-by-step in such a way that buying that banger becomes a clear process indeed.

So I’ve taken it all in, now I am going to see if I can I can actually follow the ‘Bible and get myself a car without breaking all the rules I tell everyone else to follow.

Keith Adams

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