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Mike Humble

I've loved every moment of ownership, but a new project beckons - fancy a really decent Rover 75? She's up for the taking!
I’ve loved every moment of ownership, but a new project beckons – fancy a really decent Rover 75? She’s up for the taking!

Well, as ‘er indoors braves the gale force winds and driving rain on a step ladder removing those outside illuminated decorations from the front bay window – bless her – I thought I would take time out from the XBox and formally wish all readers old and new from all of us at AROnline – a very happy New Year and everything you wish for in 2013. Its certainly been an eventful year site wise as many of will be aware, what with the growth of the site, and the expansion of new categories and pages which seem to be going down well.

Readership continues to grow as we try to preserve the finely weaved tapestry and history that is our British motor industry. Your views and comments make the site what it is, and each and every one of you that contributes no matter how little or large ought to feel proud and we thank you from the bottom of our sumps. This coming year will see some exiting developments come to fruition for your enjoyment site related, and following the AROnline AGM held at a secret bunker (Tandoori house) we can announce that a gathering event is in the pipeline for late Spring – details to be confirmed in the near future.

And 2013 also brings the official launch of the MG6 diesel which will hopefully lift the sales figures for MG Motor UK. Designed engineered and assembled in Britain allied with a future launch of the MG3 gives a fairly good reason for everyone to get behind the brand and wish the Longbridge team every success. The motor trade in general has had a difficult time as of late with dealers dropping like flies and manufacturers putting staff on short week workings. We can only hope that 2013 sees a better future for the economy and everyone involved in the UK motor trade and supply chain.

On a personal level I surprised myself by owning a car for more than one year – namely our project Rover 75. But it is time to move on to my next one, so if you fancy a well sorted lovely 75 with no nasty gremlins and most of the wrinkles well and truly ironed out – step forward and get in touch. The ‘southpaw’ Xantia is also passing over into my ownership and I am looking forward to some hard core tinkering with the next MG or Rover in time for the Pride of Longbridge event in April. Keith Adams has started to tread the long road of re-commissioning his Saab 900T16S, so there will be plenty of blood sweat and stories to publish.

I am particularly keen to seek either a Metro GTi – 114GTa or even an R8 shape Rover 200 for my next venture. Your ideas are gratefully required so tell us what you think for the next project car to bring back from the dead. So that’s it for another year, keep ’em peeled for some new stuff on the site, keep your excellent feedback flowing in, thank you for your loyal support and most of all…

Have a safe, merry and prosperous New Year!

Mike Humble


  1. Have a good ‘un Mike. Thanks for all your entertaining articles, and I look forwards to seeing your next project.

  2. Thanks Mike and Keith for all your hard work with the website, it is definitely much appreciated.

    I think an R8 Rover 220 SLi built from November 1993 onwards would be an interesting car for you, Mike. It is a lot more practical than a three-door GTi/GSi and it will soak up the miles to Keith’s house to help out on the Saab with incredible ease. It is also a bit of a hidden gem within the R8 family compared to the more obvious GTis and Honda-powered 216 variants.

    Alternativey how about an XUD-powered 218 SLD Turbo or 418 GSD Turbo?

  3. Mike, not long back I’d have been down the motorway in a flash to get my hands on your 75! Now, however, I’m even more obsessed with my ZR than I was my 75. So, I won’t be making an offer I’m afraid! Sure there will be a long, long list of potential buyers, however!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a Metro GTi or GTa. I used to adore these! Likewise any other interesting Rover, MG.

    Very keen on the idea of an AROnline gathering/meet up. Will also be at the POL again this year.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….and ‘new’ car hunting!!

  4. Aye – kill two birds with one stone!

    Sell the Xantia to someone who’ll appreciate it, and pick up a lovely early 216GSi (with aircon) in the process 🙂

    What’s not to like?

  5. Or how about a swap, your Xantia for my 25,000 mile 1992 214 Gsi, Oh and how much will you be letting the 75 go for? 🙂

  6. Happy New Year to Keith for a most excellent site which gives me an entertaining read every day.

    Also greetings to Mike with appreciation for his equally excellent articles as I still think of him when driving my 16 years old 620ti. Although an OAP now, I use it as it was meant to be used, particularly when younger drivers, in their blacked out and re-arranged Clios, assume they will overtake me on the exit from a dual carriageway roundabout, with me on the inside – naughty old man!

    As a follow up to our blogs under Mike’s September article
    “Compulsory tests? Please, please, please!” I thought he and other ARo readers, may be interested in the following article.

    Best regards

  7. Getting a little late now but a very genuine happy new year to all you guys (and gals) involved in this website. I spend hours on it every night and enjoy the high level of information, subject matter and banter.
    If we could somehow stop numpties using uneccessary and inappropriate language and lowering the standard – the site would be absolutely perfect!

    Well done to you all

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