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Despite having landed a job on the best car magazine in the world (I would say that, though), and being able to drive the finest cars money can buy, there are few things that fill me with a tingling sense of anticipation than a crap car challenge. During the Bank Holiday weekend, I finally went about repatriating AROnline’s aborted project car, and putting it into the hands of someone who will truly appreciate the finer points of this magnificent Rover 827SLi fastback.

The challenge was a simple one – to drive from AROnline Towers in Northamptonshire, up to Blackpool to pick up the 827’s new owner, and then transport him up to Whitley Bay, where it’s been residing for the best few years, then shadow it back to Blackpool in case of any unforeseen circumstances. As it was, my current car (and not mine, I hasten to add) a Subaru Outback diesel was out with a work colleague, who’d kindly lent me his 1987 Audi 100CD. At the beginning of the Bank Holiday, I’d not planned on going anywhere in his Audi, but when it became clear that the new owner of the Rover would need to pick it up sooner rather than later, I realised, I’d be putting some miles on his poor car.

And that’s why I found myself heading up the M6 in the ageing Audi – heading towards Blackpool. I’ll not give too much of the story away, as I’m intending to feature the 600-mile day in AROnline soon, but needless to say we all had a great day, despite one or two mishaps…

I’m still smiling at the memory of the warbling five-pot soundtrack overlaying the Rover’s V6 music.

Convoy? Who needs Ferraris to have fun.


Keith Adams

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