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Low-res, grainy images of the production version of the MG CS are beginning to emerge from China. And from what we can make out, this Ssangyong-based C-segment SUV actually looked really rather stylish. We don’t know that much about it yet, but MG has already stated that the car will be coming to the UK, unlike the MG5, and given the huge popularity of the sector it’s designed to compete it, the company really could have something good to start moving forward with.

If you’re wondering at my apparent surprise at the stylish looks of this car, then forgive me – I’d assumed it would be more watered down from the good looking concept than it appears to have been. So, a great styling job by the team at SMTC’s headquarters in Longbridge – as it was styled here, with very much an eye on European, as well as, Chinese tastes.

Rather like the MG3, it leads with that beak-like front end, which some might accuse of being a little Renault-like, and in contemporary terms, like the MG3, it’s a little on the conservative side. But I like that, and in a world where the Nissan Juke currently sells like hot cakes, it could be argued that a little more bravery might have been needed. But for a new(ish) company, you can’t knock it, really.

Sadly, it’s unlikely to be made here, which is the way MG seems to be going. The best we can hope for is a little final assembly and customisation in Longbridge, as is the case with the MG3. But with some UK-chassis tuning, and that 1.9-litre turbodiesel under the bonnet, I can be reasonably confident in predicting that it will be pretty good to drive.

The signs are certainly encouraging for MG.


Keith Adams

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