Blog: MG6 facelift – do we care?

New pictures have emerged of the updated MG6, and it has to be said that the changes are extremely subtle – and probably not enough to make too much of a difference to the car’s chances of success in the UK. I must admit that the MG6 and I have had an interesting relationship – not something you’d necessarily admit to about many mid-line saloons.

But it’s a car that I have followed the progress of pretty much from the point of its conception. Arguably you could say from before then, given it’s not difficult to point to the MG Rover RDX60 as its spiritual successor – a car, likewise, that was based on the Rover 75.

Succinctly put, I like the MG6. I like the way it drives, I like the way it looks, and I like the fact that I see  fragments of a future history we were denied when MG Rover went to the wall in 2005. Would I buy one? Many times I asked myself this – and on quite a few occasions, I considered it. But not hard enough.

Four years on from the UK launch, the MG6 is pretty much a spent force. Sales have redefined the term ‘dismal’, and customer confidence is at an all time low. More than that, it’s been a humiating experience for Longbridge, and tragic that the once-great marque should endure this. On top of that, there have been plenty of tales of woe in terms of reliability, and build quality, too. In short, it almost appeared that alongside the customers, MG gave up on the thing the moment the MG3 went on sale here.

So the news that the facelift model is being planned for a UK launch is puzzling. I guess that the company needs more than one car in its range brochure, but homologating the new version of the car for the UK market seems a bit excessive. Do they expect to sell any more than they have historically? Just because it has an electronic handbrake and a sharper set of headlights? We’ll see.

I wish MG well, of course, but I suspect the ‘6 will be a sideshow once the CS SUV goes on sale in 2016…

Keith Adams

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