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Thanks to the joys of Paint Shop and Photoshop, it is now possible for skilled computer-literate artisans to create pictures of cars that they would dearly like to see. Now me, I generally look at most and don’t think anything about it… You know, it passes a moment in your life, and then it is gone.

However, one image really struck me – the one you see above. Thanks to Mark Mastrototaro, who seems to have made it his life’s ambition to create alternative versions of every single conceivable variation of BMC>Rover car known to man, we have what can truly be described as a modern day Rover Vitesse. Yes, many people (myself included) see the 75’s facelift as an embarrassing failure – but doesn’t the V8 grille treatment work beautifully when partnered with the ZT Extreme body kit?

Let’s be honest – anyone who sees this looming in their mirror is going to dive out of the way – and rapidly.

And isn’t that what the name Rover Vitesse is all about. Come one – someone out there in MGR fan land – build one!


Keith Adams

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