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Keith Adams

Rover 200BRM LE

When Mike Humble penned his Vauxhall Cavalier piece this morning, we discussed about how to file it. Initial question was, ‘is it an Unsung Hero?’. My response was, ‘nah… it’s a car we love’, and after a bit of an interchange, we came up with ‘Why I love the…’

Of course, I must thank Autocar for coming up with the idea a decade ago, when it became a weekly back-page column – and also then-editor Steve Fowler for having the faith to give me a go, and then printing my piece on the Rover SD1 back in 2003. That was my first published article in the great weekly mag, and what I saw as my big break into the big time of magazine publishing. Some would say it’s been downhill ever since…

So, Mike and I thought it was about time we borrowed the format and went ahead in a celebration of some of the cars we’ve enjoyed over the years. However, it reminded me that we have done it ourselves years ago, in a series of articles penned by you, the readers. You can read the ones penned back in 2003-2004, and what I’d really like is to get some new ones from you guys. Almost ten years on, there must be loads of interesting cars that we simply wouldn’t have thought of back then!

Think about your favourite cars, and get writing. I can’t wait to hear about the ones you love!

Why I love the Rover SD1

Keith Adams


  1. Looks good.

    Looking forward to some interesting anecdotes.
    Sometimes a car doesn’t need to be a full fledged classic or perfect but it just hits a spot and evokes fond memories.
    Mine would be the GTV and the plucky little ZX diesel.

    Unfortunately given the front page of Autocar these days it would be
    “Why I love the 1/3/5/6/7 series/X1/3/5…”

  2. Datsun 280ZX for me… having said that wouldnt it be great to buy a “new” Rover 3.5 SD1 in 2012 at 1976 retail price?

  3. yes, this is better, no crap from vauxhalls(opels), fords, datsuns etc… come on its called austinroveronline… 😉
    and de BRM, a coming classic?

  4. @Hilton G “…having said that wouldnt it be great to buy a “new” Rover 3.5 SD1 in 2012 at 1976 retail price?”

    You could have done – the AROnline SD1 that Keith sold was a bargain!

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