Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

A day round Cannes and Antibes

I had no plans for the day but, after chatting with a girl that I shared the room with, I decided to stay in Nice for another night so we headed to Cannes for a look. The coast road was very busy and slow. but the views across the port areas were great. One of the yachts in the bay had a helicopter parked on the back of it – who only knows what the combined price of that lot was!

We parked up in Cannes harbour area and took a wander round the town. After a very pleasant, but rather expensive, lunch we headed back to the car where we met an American tourist who wanted a picture taken of himself with the port in the background. This was another person only too pleased to come and sign the Mini.

As we drove back along the coast road to Antibes, my passenger said she felt like a celebrity with the number of people smiling and waving at us but, by this time I had become pretty immune to it. We spent the rest of the afternoon on a lovely little sandy beach near the city wall. I then drove the girl back to the hostel in terrible traffic so she could collect her stuff and took her to the airport where we parted. It was only then I realised we hadn’t even introduced our selves to each other…

Back at the hostel, I attempted to type up a few of these blogs, only to get drawn into a drinking game with the 3 Canadian girls I was sharing the room with that night and a bunch of other people they had met. I brought out the bottle of Tequila from the car which, thankfully, we didn’t manage to empty. Another 2 o’ clock finish, again though…

Keith Adams

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