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Steven Ward and Andrew Elphick cordially invite you to join them at the 2012 Paris Motor Show…

Bonjour Paris!

Bursting with confidence following the success of Andrew Elphick’s and my jaunt to Geneva to bring you the 2012 Salon, AROnline’s two intrepid reporters were keen to try their luck once again.  The venue for our off-beat questions and insights was to be the Mondial de’Automobile.  That’s the bi-annual Paris Motor Show to you, an event we covered in 2010.

Sadly it seems the British Authorities on motoring journalism took an exceeding dim view of our Agenda of SFQs we published in July and vetoed our Trade Passes at the last moment.  Some humans thought we had Guild the Lilly regarding the Press Day jolly and consequently took leave of their sense of humour.

Anyway dear reader for you as one door closes, another door opens.  We’re going to have to make do with attending the show on a public day, which means you too can wander the halls with us.

Sadly there’ll be no pertinent questions posed to the manufacturers about all the trivia you never knew you had time to read about.  Never mind that though, we’ll still be saying exactly what we see.

Our wry observations and adolescent antics can still be repeated to a less concerned audience.  There’ll be no sound bites or free lunches let alone booze, but if any manufacturer is reading this, we can still be corrupted to suit your needs.

Monday 1st October is the date, the venue is Paris and if anyone from AROnline wants to tag along, drop us a line. We’re staying in Paris both the Sunday and Monday nights and we know all the best bars in town.  We’ll just not be meeting on the Lotus stand this year.

Keith Adams


  1. Lots happening at Paris this year – curiously mainly from the Germans rather than the home teams, who don’t have their troubles to seek.

    Paris is the a major European component manufacturers show, very good for trend-spotting and also finding out where all thes bits come from – you will be constantly surprised.

    There are also some pleasingly mad stands – there was a perpetual motion machine on show in 2010, which looked like a Rowland Emmett concotion, but according to the handouts was deadly serious…

  2. I will also go this year and will be there on both press days, Thursday and Friday. But not untill I’ve tried to find the astonishing Austin-Morris & Lotus dealership I once spotted near Quai de Stalingrad! I saw it brifly in 2001 but haven’t had the time to look for it when in Paris, untill now. Has anyone else seen this place? Browsing Google Maps, it seems as if most of the area has been demolished… I’ll have a look all the same.

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