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Keith Adams

Rovers still in Poland, but hopefully for not much longer
Rover's still in Poland, but hopefully for not much longer

In case you’ve been wondering, I’m still around, and still very much alive. The lack of blogs from me has been inexcusable, especially considering I’ve pretty much kept them going regularly since I started doing them in 2004. It’s a great discipline to follow for any budding writer – creativity comes from necessity and the need to write about stuff on a daily basis keeps the brain cells ticking over nicely.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me though. Due to some financial problems, my anticipated pick-up of the Rover SD1 from Poland late last year simply never happened. I’ll not say too much on the subject – other than make sure you keep an eye on your tax statements… Anyway, because of that, the Poles still have my Rover, and none of the money to pay for the brilliant restoration they did on it.

Work at Octane magazine’s been keeping me busy and stimulated and, as a result, the months have passed rapidly by. However, as spring came and went, my resolve to get something done about the SD1 hardened so I decided to put in extra time working as many additional hours as possible in order to raise the €4000 I need to pay for the job. The rubbish exchange rates certainly sapped my motivation – currently, that comes in at £3581 – but I guess that, compared with the cost of getting all the work done in the UK, that’s still something of a bargain.

Anyway, after a few fraught days last month, I’ve managed to earn most of that money and now it’s time to actually start planning my trip to collect the car.

It seems that – for once – fortune has played into my hands. Thanks to a job near the Polish border early in June, I’ll be less than 300 miles from my Rover – in my car – and perfectly placed to go and see the guys (and hope they’ve forgiven me for taking so long to get in touch), hand them a massive chunk of that €4000 and take stock of the restoration. Given all that, and with a slightly favourable following wind, I should have the car in my garage before the end of June.

Am I excited? Yes, I am! Will I get blogging again more regularly? I absolutely promise…

Keith Adams

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