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Keith Adams

Rover SD1 looking all sparkly and ready for action
Rover SD1 looking all sparkly and ready for action

I must admit that I’d been a little nervous. While driving over to Poland yesterday, I’d been screwing myself up a little wondering whether Jerzy’s garage would still be in business when I got to Częstochowa – I hadn’t, you see, heard from his English-speaking daughter, Monica, for quite some time. I was heading off eastwards without actually knowing what was going on…

Some might say that was a little weird.

Anyway, sitting in the hotel restaurant this morning, eating breakfast, I take a call from Monica. ‘What time will you be here?’ she asked… Phew!

An hour later, I was at the garage looking at my car. And, wow, the SD1 looks the business. It’s not running yet, due to the fact that the clutch slave cylinder I brought along with me (thanks Rimmer Bros) lacked the pipework (my fault for forgetting to bring the old one with me). D’oh. Other than that, though, the car’s ready to go, and I’ll be collecting it in the next few weeks.

Jerzy wasn’t keen on me driving the car back to the UK, saying that it’s a long way to go, and recommended I bring a trailer with me next time. So, that’s what I’ll do.

This is what the SD1 looks like now. More pics to follow when I get home…

Keith Adams


  1. Absolutely fabulous! Just needs a sexy blonde draped over the bonnet – only til you get the badge of course!

  2. Did you fit Series 2 door mirrors? Shouldn’t it have those black rubber mirrors, which unfortunately perished in a few years?

  3. Bet you can’t wait to be cruising along the British roads, with the V8 burbling away….Looks great now 🙂

  4. Pity it has post-2001 script numberplates – a common problem with cars just too new to get silver on black ones.

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