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Keith Adams

Rover SD1 at MOTest in Farnham...
Rover SD1 at MOTEST in Farnham...

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me about my Polski-Rover SD1. Is it MoT’d yet? When will it be on the road again? Will we be seeing it on the show circuit?

Well, with a little help from my friends, I went a long way to getting the first question answered today. Regular readers will know that, following my shake-down drive over the Christmas period, I discovered that the brakes were going to need ’some work’. There are a couple of issues – the pedal’s on the floor and the car pulls violently to the right when you do find stopping power.

The passenger side front brake caliper bleed nipple has been broken off and that means that whoever last tried to bleed the system only got as far as doing one side. Bad, but at least I know why it’s pulling.

However, with the weather being what it is and the roads what they are, there’s no way the car’s fit to drive to an MoT station. Cue another day towing the old girl – and adding to the mileage (on the back of a trailer) it’s covered since the restoration in Poland was completed. I reckon it must now be at leat 1600 miles.

Anyway, an early start had me heading up to Rimmer Bros to borrow their trailer once again and, at about 9.00am this morning, we were digging it out from under a liberal coating of snow in order to get it hitched to the Subaru.

Then it was back home (a round trip of 140 miles) to get the Polski-Rover on the back of it. Within a while, we were back on the road and heading to MOTEST in order to get it fixed and ticketed. The garage is in Farnham, which has been particularly hard-hit by snow the past few days, and its boss, John Ball, smiled as he said that he did wonder about my sanity in choosing today to get it down to him.

There’s method in my madness… get it done now, and it’ll be ready for the road in plenty of time for spring. That’s when I want to be enjoying it – and not worrying about getting this-and-that done.

I’ll keep you posted about how the MoT goes – but, before it goes near the bay, those brakes are going to need to be sorted.

Keith Adams

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