Tat? Or talent?

Andrew Elphick


Now stop screaming, throwing things at your monitor or launching your iPhone into the nearest stream. Calm now? Right grab some perspective, yes those are Range Rover lights attached to a Japanese import Mitsubushi wagon but that’s no reason to deride is it – this really is a work of art.

Why though? Maybe the car in question had an uneconomical ‘tap. front and rear and was restyled, rather than repaired. Perhaps as a homage to Mentley Insanne, the (Montego glazed!) Bentley built by Kustom guru Andy Saunders. Or maybe the owner built it because he could and a bloody effective job he did too.

Me? I rather like it and would be tempted to ROVER badge it, fit some discreet alloys and surplus aerials before cruising round MIRA and Lode Lane… but then I’m a wicked person.

Keith Adams


  1. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it looks like a well-done and professional conversion. I quite like it.

    I’ll keep a look out for it on my travels, as going by the shops in the background, the car was snapped in Leigh-on-Sea, which isn’t a million miles away from where I currently reside 😉

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