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Sir George Farmer
Sir George Farmer

Motor car tycoon Sir George Farmer retired from his job as boss of Rover cars and deputy chairman of the giant British Leyland Motor Corporation—and now starts work earlier than ever.

‘I have morning tea at 6 30 am. get up at 7 am and am at my desk at 8.0 or 8.30, instead of 9.0″ he told Inside Page.

I have always been a busy man, and I believe that 65 is too young to sit back and do nothing.” So he has just taken on a tough number in the motor trade. He has moved into the chairmanship of the Zenith Carburettor company.

His job — to inject some profits. Last year, their sales were £6,000,000 , but they made less than £500,000 of profits. The job will keep him rushing around between his home in Warwickshire , the City of London, where he has a string of part-time directorships, Birmingham, where he is chancellor of the University, and Stratford-on-Avon, where he is chairman of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

“If you are sensible,” he says , “you go on filling your day. You cannot enjoy your leisure except as a change from work.”

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