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Leonard Lord
Leonard Lord


Sir Leonard Lord, executive chairman of the British Motor Corporation is to resign at a board meeting to be held on Tuesday.

Until that time his successor will not be known. Sir Leonard will remain on the board as a non-executive director, and is to become the vice- president of the corporation. Sir Leonard, who was knighted in 1954, began the long association with the companies which were later to form the B.M.C. when he joined the Hotchkiss Engine Company, of Coventry, in 1922. The Hotchkiss concern was subsequently bought by Mr W. R. Morris, now Lord Nuffield. Later, when Lord Nuffield acquired Wolseley Motors the then Mr Lord was given the job of reorganizing the business.

He joined the Austin Motor Company in 1938 and became chairman and managing director when Lord Austin died in 1941.

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