Video : AROnline’s 20th birthday gathering

For those who couldn’t make it to our recent 20th birthday gathering, we’re happy to present this excellent video of the event produced in two parts by John Clancy.

It’s a double-header as the event was very much broken up into two parts – the tour of the museum, followed by the Q&A session with Kevin Jones, Denis Chick, Ian Pogson and our very own Mike Humble.

The AROnline 20th birthday gathering – Part One

In Part One, we begin with Steve Cropley’s thoughts on AROnline and what it means to him before moving seamlessly on to a tour of the museum’s reserve collection and a close look at some of its best exhibits.

The AROnline 20th birthday gathering – Part Two

In this part, we start with Steve Cropley asking what Harold Musgrove was like to work for – the recollections of panel were pure gold. Enjoy…

Keith Adams


  1. Great videos and very informative too, especially in relation to Harold Musgrove, even though I still feel uncomfortable hearing the story about the sudden departure of David Bache (a man whose work I have long admired). Also interesting to hear Dr Ian Pogson’s view of John Towers and Kevin’s explanation in relation to the ownership of MG Rover Group, both of which are a genuine reality check against the armchair romanticism many enthusiasts have about ‘our’ company.

    Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Really enjoyed the vids, thank you. Denis Chick seems a great character – and I love his description of the SD1 as a Rover Ford Cortina, what with the cost-cutters in the background when it was designed.

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