BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : S-Series

Another evolution of the E-Series engine, ARG’s S-Series emerged capable and strong, and proved a remarkably capable mid-range power plant after a false start with the R-Series ‘hybrid’. Mike Humble […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : O-Series

The O-Series was designed to act as the company’s mid-range engine mainstay for the late 1970s and beyond. If at first you don’t succeed… The formation of Austin-Morris from the […]

BMC, Leyland and Rover engines

Engines : B-Series

The B-Series engine started out as a humble 1.2-litre unit that powered the Austin A40 Devon. Over time, it was developed – and developed – and developed. Middle-market mainstay After […]


Connections : Reliant

Based at Tamworth in Staffordshire, Reliant built its business by producing economy-minded three-wheeled microcars that could be driven on a motorcyle licence. The origins of the sub-1000cc engine – which […]