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The Best of AROnline : Staples2Naples 2004

Back in 2004, Keith Adams, Declan Berridge and Alexander Boucke joined the ultimate rally for ‘wage slaves’, Staples2Naples. They took a free Rover 216GTI 16V from the East Midlands to Southern Italy and back in one fell swoop – topping 120mph on the way to almost winning the event! […]


Blog : Steering sensitivities

Learning of Keith Adams’ recent disappointment with the Rover 800 series after a very revealing drive comes as no surprise to me. One aspect of ‘Heritage’ that passed from the Rover SD1 to the 800-series was a lack of dimensional accuracy of the body and sub assemblies. This was despite Harold Musgrove vehemently thumping the table when he told audiences of how the 800-series’ Body-In-White engineering was better than that of its closest rival – Audi’s 100. […]


Blog : Gallery – Norfolk’s best in 2015

With the show season now over, I thought I would share with you some of the pics I took in 2015 in Norfolk. Of particular interest is the white Ford Cortina MkI once owned by F1 designer Maurice Phillipe, and the rather nice Peugeot 205 of journalist Richard Gunn. Has anybody else out there got any images to show from their local classic car events? […]