Our Cars : Rover 620Si running report

Keith Adams

Rover 600 meets the service bay...
Rover 620Si meets the service bay...

THERE you go – the 620Si’s exhaust is done and the spare wheel, which had been fitted due to a damaged tyre on the right front alloy, has been put back in the boot – giving me a full set of wheels. No more growling, no more buzzing and no more odd wheels. My Rover now looks like a complete car.

Driving the 620Si back from the tyre centre today, it struck me that the good old thing really is doing the job of general hack very well indeed. It’s quiet, refined, comfortable and chilled…

Not much more to say really – a quick oil service and I think it’s good to go for the rest of the winter.

Total expenditure on the car so far: £80
Average fuel consumption: 32.6mpg

Keith Adams


  1. Makes me wish now that I had bought one when I had the chance – a very nice white V-reg example with two non-working front windows for £400. Oh well…

  2. Good to see you are attending to the needs of the R620 Keith… Your description sounds like it’s your new “Pet”.  Hope it proves to be a faithful companion for many many miles!

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