Austin Allegro (ADO67)

Blog : Time heals old wounds

I had a brief run in an Austin Allegro today. The car in question is owned by Calum Brown, and it has to be said that he was very keen to get my views on his pride and joy. He’s a nice chap – 24-years old, a car nutter, and owner of a very interesting and diverse range of cars. He’ll go far in our industry. Anyway, I digress – he handed me the keys to his 1979 Allegro 3 1.3L, and told me to enjoy myself. […]

Ones to watch

Ones to watch : Rover Metro and 100

Let’s have a sideways look at some of our long gone, but can picked up for a song kind of cars. The Rover Metro and 100 is our first example and it’s starting to become quite collectable. Mike Humble kicks us off with Longbridge’s offering to urban transport… […]

Car Reviews

Blog : Design for design’s sake – what’s the point?

If anyone out there thinks that car design is stagnating, and we’re living deep in the era of me-too styling, may I present you with the Lexus RX450h. Here’s a car that’s suffused with slashes, folds and creases, and although it’s a high-riding SUV, many of its design themes scream sports car at you. But here’s the thing – before I’d spent my week with this car, I could barely bring myself to look at it, but by the end of my tenure with a car I so wanted to hate, the beast had wormed its way into my affections. […]


News : MG EX234 prototype comes up for sale

The MG EX234 prototype hits the auction scene, coming up for sale with Bonhams at its Goodwood Festival of Speed sale on 24 June. It’s one of the many fascinating ‘might have beens’ in the history of MG marque, with design kicking off in 1964 when Abingdon’s engineers’ thoughts turned to a ‘next generation’ MGB that would have better chassis dynamics: specifically, the new car would incorporate the independent rear suspension intended for the original but abandoned as too expensive. […]


Blog : Sunny Hunny

The world never stands still, and not only do fashions and technology change over the passage of time, but also our habits. Not only have traditional industries disappeared, but also the traditional British seaside holiday that gave employment to thousands of Britons. […]

European Events

Events : Preview – Techno-Classica Essen 2016

The 2016 Techno-Classica has opened for business. Over the weekend, around a quarter million visitors are expected to find their way into the halls. There is something for everyone with just a bit of petrol in their veins: car manufacturers present rarities from their collections, several large halls with trade stands for tools, automobilia and new or old spares, classic car dealers and last but not least the large display of car clubs. […]