The new Mini (ADO88) would morph into LC8 Metro, following Ryder recommendations
Austin/MG Metro (LC8)

Concepts and prototypes : LC8 supermini (1977-80)

British Leyland was working on a new supermini throughout the 1970s. It settled on an updated Mini with a hatchback, called the ADO88 – the only problem was that it didn’t clinic very well with potential buyers. That’s why the ADO88 transformed into the LC8 – a restyled version penned by David Bache, creator of the Range Rover and the Rover SD1. […]

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Concepts and prototypes

In-house designs : ECV3 Prototype

In the late-1970s, BL invested in its future by looking at the next step in engineering design. Under the leadership of Spen King, British Leyland Technology was created, and out of it came some fascinating projects, including the lightweight ECV3 prototype. […]

The 1997 Land Rover LCV2/3
Concepts and prototypes

In-house designs : Land Rover LCV⅔

The development of a replacement for the Land Rover Defender has presented successive Rover and Jaguar Land Rover managements with an ongoing problem down the years. The familiar-looking Land Rover LCV 2/3 could have done the job very effectively had it borne fruit. Here’s a run-down of what we know about it… […]


People : The Harold Musgrove Interview

Harold Musgrove was Chairman of the Austin Rover Group between 1982 and ’86, a make-or-break time for the company. Now, he shares his unique insight into his time right at the very top of the company – and details the model plans which could well have seen the company succeed in the 1990s. […]

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