Blog : Do we want to go to Peterborough?

It’s almost that time of year again. The annual BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day is drawing closer, and AROnline is putting out its annual opinion-gathering email to see whether there’s sufficient interest here for us to put up our own stand.

In years gone by, we’ve attended on a number of levels. In the early days of AROnline we pulled out all the stops, gathering a brilliant selection of your cars to display, flying the flag, both for the site and for our beloved jalopies. As time went on, the ‘official’ interaction with the show died down, before coming back under the careful tutelage of Mike Humble two or three years ago.

In 2016, we missed it entirely and, for 2017, I’m still weighing up whether it’s a good idea to try for an AROnline stand at all. I currently don’t own anything from the BMC>MGR stable, and Mike’s Rover 216 GSI project is still some way off being finished. We could get Alexander Boucke to bring something tasty from Germany – but that depends very much on whether he has time to do so.

Our resident historian, Ian Nicholls, certainly has an appetite to come along. He’s revving up his own car to make the journey to Peterborough.

So, the questions remain… Would you join us? Would you bring your cars? And should AROnline go to town with it? Please let me know…

Keith Adams


  1. Hi Keith, would be very interested in attending and having a place on an AR online stand. Choices I can bring are my son’s mini, along with either my Wolseley 1100 or mk1 Metro.

  2. Well I’ll be there in the Ex ARonlne project 75, I’m sure Mike can get the 216 show ready now that the fuel relay has been swapped out, A selection of about 10-15 cars would be good as it is a easy number to handle and maybe a quiz with some sort of giveaway as we did in 2015.

    Some kind of banners would be a good idea too so everyone can spot us from across the field, what do you think Keith?

    Lets hope that the weather will be kind as in previous years as being stuck in a muddy field is no joy as all

  3. When is it? If I’m free, if be happy to bring my sort-of-Ford-but-it’s-got-a-heart-of-solid-Leyland X300.

  4. Yes I am happy to attend and bring along my R8, its Sunday 6th August for those looking for the date.


    Nene Park uses ANPR now as part of its parking charge system so if your car doesn’t have valid tax, MOT or insurance I suggest you trailer it into the site. Whilst I am sure they only collect information for parking charges, I would not want anyone to find themselves in trouble for petty infringements.

    • Confused as to why you’d be driving an undocumented car on a public highway in the first place?

  5. I’m not going to be popular with this one. I got Keith’s e mail and immediately dived into the diary to discover this is the only weekend that we are not with the Wolseley Nine or MG TD at a show throughout the summer/autumn. We love doing these shows every weekend but there is one big difference with the BMC/BL show – we get charged (£7) for providing the exhibits! We are not mean or tight (obviously as we travel the country every weekend in one of the cars) but paying for entry after driving a couple of hundred miles to get there is simply just not cricket ‘old boy’. No other show we attend does it. No can do – sorry.

  6. I fear that neither our VW nor our Ford would add to the atmosphere of the event! So we are unlikely to come – but if we do, we may well arrive by train on the Nene Valley…

  7. It looks as if there is insufficient support for an AR online stand, unless you all want to prove me wrong?


    There won’t be an ARO stand at this years Peterborough show.

    However, that isn’t to say there won’t be one at either of next years shows at Birmingham or Peter-horror

  9. I’d much prefer to see this event amalgamated with the excellent BMC/Leyland day at Gaydon, which is held just one month beforehand. Gaydon is easier to get to for many, has better facilities AND exhibitors and their cars get in for FREE!

    I know most BL fans go to Peterborough for the excellent autojumble but Gaydon has more than enough room and is more than willing to accomodate it.

    I don’t think we need 2 shows so close together.

  10. Returned from Peterborough, didn’t seem to be as much there as previous years
    I do wonder if the pathetic parking charge system put people off as a lot got fines last year for not leaving fast enough!
    I left ferry meadows bad feed back on trip advisor
    Would be a shame to see it fold as living on the Norfolk coast Gaydon and Longbridge are a bit far for a day trip

    • Russ
      I assume you live in North Walsham or thereabouts?
      I see your contributions to RM Web from time to time.

      • Hi Ian
        I live near Holt
        I do go on RM web quite a bit, are you on the Maestro/ montego forum to as when I suggested the forum format was changed to one similar to RMweb someone knew of it

        • I live in Stalham
          I don’t go on the Maestro/Montego forum.
          I look on RM Web but don’t contribute.

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