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Keith Adams


Well, if you’re reading this, then you’ll have already stumbled across our new server and found that the site should be exactly the same as it was before. After several late nights, Brian Gunn and I have transferred 2.5GB of data and 600MB of database to our new home at DBN Web Services.

With a decent host and proper support – as well as all the toys we need for building a shiny new CMS-based website, we’re finally on our way to modernising the website. It’s my intention to keep the navigation and general feel of any new site design pretty much as it is now. In the coming weeks and months, I will be looking for help from volunteers to do some cut/pasting of the existing pages into a new CMS – if you fancy assisting us with that, then please get in touch.

However, for now, I think we need to pause and take a breather from the stress of transferring the site. That said, if you spot any bugs or missing files, please let me know.

It’s been emotional!

Keith Adams
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  1. The world can sleep safely in their beds knowing that AROnline is not disappearing.

    Thank you for your continuing efforts.

  2. We have a great feeling about this host – the contact there has been extremely helpful and, even when problems were encountered with the DB import, he came up with a workaround.

    Anyway, as an aside, it might be worth clearing your cache and cookies for the site/forum (well, there are no cookies for the main site!) just to discount any browser wierdness which might cause 404 errors (as the content on the old host has now gone).

  3. It does load very nicely – that’s because the new host is a beefy server which actually does what it should. 🙂

    Sorry if you keep seeing style changes on the forum, I’m doing some fixes and housekeeping…

  4. Congratulations!

    That was a bit scary – doing my daily check for upates and gossip to find you gone!!

    Anyway, that made me appreciate just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful resource here…

    Cheers to Keith and the gang!


  5. Good to have you back!

    Keep up all the good work – much appreciated by this BMC>MGR enthusiast.

  6. Great news! I would be gutted if AROnline disappeared – it’s the best motoring resource on the web. Your hard work is appreciated!

  7. Congratulations! You’ve done great work in switching servers so quickly.

    My sons and I have been reading AROnline for six years and we always enjoy all your articles and stories

    AROnline is a great platform for all fans and owners of Austin/Rover/ MG cars and, especially here in Germany, we need your website. Please keep on doing such good work.

    Best regards to Keith and all of the team!! Long live AROnline!


  8. It has changed… Now it’s much quicker!!! Well done team – I was worried we might have a week without AROnline !

  9. You’re not wrong, Cookie – it seems that the site is much quicker than before. Must be the twin carbs?

    I was worried we might have have an eternity without AROnline, let alone a week. It would have been tragic to lose such a fantastic repository of facts, figures, nuts, bolts, trivia, history and opinion.

    It’s great that the site has survived – well done to Keith and everyone who made it happen.

  10. Great news, well done! Let’s hope this server will support AROnline for some time into the future – it’s a great site Keith, keep up the good work. Thanks.

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