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Keith Adams

Clive Goldthorp is standing down as news editor
Clive Goldthorp is standing down as News Editor

Our determined newshound, Clive Goldthorp, is stepping down after four years as AROnline’s News Editor in order to allocate more time to developing the career of a talented young Racing Driver. Hopefully, we’ll be able to announce more details about that project in the coming weeks but, for now, Clive remains on the team as Contributing Editor and still intends to contribute the occasional news and feature articles.

‘I’ll still be keeping an eye on AROnline‘s development,’ he said. ‘I reckon that the changes which Keith has made to the site nothwithstanding the difficulties of recent weeks have been brilliant. I certainly aim to remain  involved in an albeit diminished capacity.’

Anyway, the change means all news coverage will now be handled by Keith Adams and so any emails sent to Clive’s old email address,, will be redirected. We’ll be covering the news as before but, if you’re a budding newshound, fancy getting your name out there and would like to contribute to AROnline‘s news output, please do get in touch. We can’t pay, but you’ll get some cool invites and will be speaking to a monthly readership of 200,000…

Clive remains part of the AROnline family and can be contacted via

Keith Adams


  1. Thank you for all your contributions, Clive. I have personally appreciated your input in keeping us up to date on the latest news concerning the remaining marques of what was once British Leyland, providing us with the information about which company owns the IPRs to certain names etc., and also for editing our own comments. I know some of mine have regularly needed correcting due to typos etc.!

  2. Good luck in your new venture, Clive, and keep in touch.

    As above, I have often appreciated your editing when I have made typos, or just typed complete garbage!

  3. Just a quick note to say many thanks for all your best wishes. Oh, and Ken as one Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan to another, I really do wish I was forty-two again!

  4. Thanks for everything, Clive. You will be missed – if only more people could write like you. Andrew.

  5. All the best, Clive – it’s been a pleasure. Oh, and I have noticed you removing the conjunctions from the beginning of my sentences.

  6. Good luck with your new venture, Clive – I look forward to reading more from you soon!

    Keith, did you get my email about news contributions a couple of days ago?

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