Events : at Gaydon

Some of the site’s readers and forum members thought it would be a great idea to meet up, chew the fat and look at each others’ cars.

It was a great day – and here are some of the cars that turned up on the day. If you would like to see your pictures from the day, email them to us and we’ll add them to this page…

Ayd Instone’s ‘other’ Wedge…

Jon Mower’s tasty MG ZS – with aftermarket rear lights…

Jonathan Sellars and his pretty Rover 820 Sterling Coupe.

John Dobedoe’s beguiling SD1… Have you seen an earlier one?

Yup – a Montego convertible. All information about this gratefully received…

Maestro/Montego Owners Club (MMOC) line-up. (Picture by Jonathan Sellars)

Daniel Pyke’s R8…

Ayd Instone’s TR7 in flight… (Photo by Ayd Instone)


Group shot headed up by Steve Whipps sexy Rover Sterling… (Photo by Ayd Instone)

Ian Robertson’s impressive MG ZT CDTi. (Picture by Ian Robertson)

Pictures by Keith Adams, Ayd Instone, Gareth Hopkins and Ian Robertson.

Keith Adams

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  1. Looks a great day out and cant believe I missed it or was even aware of any such event .
    Please let me know when the next one is

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