News : Facelifted MG6 to launch in UK in April

MY15 MG6 Teaser Image

MG Motor UK has issued a teaser image (above) of the revised MG6, which will go on sale next month.

The company claims that the new model offers major improvements in every area over the original version, which was launched in 2011.

The updated MG6’s 1.9-litre DTi-TECH diesel engine has been developed to give lower CO2 output and improved mpg, while comprehensive updates have been made to the styling. The latest MG6 also features interior upgrades and enhanced equipment levels which include what the company says will be “arguably… one of the best intelligent infotainment systems of any car in its class” and a “state-of-the-art navigation system [which] will also set new standards.”

Matthew Cheyne, MG’s Head of Marketing, said: ‘This is a totally different car to the original MG6 with a host of new technologies and major advances in every area. We will reveal the full story and prices when the car is unveiled shortly. But the new MG6 is a big leap forward from the original car which has been the result of thousands of hours of dedicated work from our designers and engineers.”

Cheyne believes that the revised MG6 should have a broad appeal to both retail and business customers, adding: ‘The MG6 was always a comfortable, roomy car and offered rewarding driving, but the [latest revisions] take the car to a different level again with a host of great improvements and advances, most of which have never been seen before on an MG.”

MG Motor UK will be releasing full details of the latest MG6’s performance figures, pricing and specifications shortly before the car goes on sale in April but, following the relative success of the pricing structure adopted for the MG3, the company may follow a similar strategy for the revised MG6…

Clive Goldthorp


  1. The company says:

    The company claims that the new model offers major improvements in every area over the original version, which was launched in 2011.

    Which I always interpret as ‘the previous model was a load of junk’.

    • A facelift can markedly improve a previously poor car (mark IV Escort springs to mind!). However, a host of improvements does not necessarily mean that the previous model was poor. I certainly don’t think the current MG6 is junk!. Facelifts are usually just moving with the times – adding newly developed features, contemporary styling tweaks.

      I hope this facelift does not spoil the 6’s face.

      • Press releases are summaries of information given to journalists by those seeking beneficial publicity, written in such a way that large sections of, carefully written, advertising copy can simply be cut and pasted into lightly researched articles.

        Perhaps you’re okay with that?

    • As long as they bring in more engine choice, an auto and the ability to spec cars up to your own choice and drop the price again, they will start to sell, having options to choose from is a real money spinner for all brands, and i have no idea why MG decided not to do that with the MG6

      • That won’t be sorry. Even color choices is reduced to…4! Price is improved 14k to 17.5K for the TL (ex tse)

  2. Now with a modern, efficient TDi engine, I think the MG 6 can become a bigger player. From penny numbers in 2011, MG are now selling 3000 cars a year and I’m sure with aggressive promotion and more dealers, this could reach 10,000.

    • 10,000 a year? To put that into perspective, that will mean they will have reached an annual car import figure equivalent to around 25 day’s production from the Longbridge factory when it went bust, largely through declining sales, in 1995.
      Why does this importer warrant so many column inches here?

  3. Lets hope the poor plastic upper door frame mouldings (wavy), cheap key and handbrake grip have been addressed; these should never of made it to production on such an important model to the marque.

  4. Dealer told me last week that the new (diesel only models) will have 16” alloys and no rear wash wipe – that might just be the base model with an eye-catching £14,995 price? MG will be courting the taxi market, too, he thinks with the low emission diesel attracting a lower RFL.

    And what news on the good looking Magnette – is that continuing?

    • No rear wash wipe in the pics and not mentioned on the website either….. It looks really nice though, great revamp. However, I ignored a Honda Civic as it had no rear wiper and would do the same to this… what a shame as it looks amazing value for money.

  5. Not entirely sure a facelift is needed for the UK market given that 97% of the population have probably never seen an MG6 in the flesh…

    However, any improvements can’t harm its chances.

    • But a facelift gives the marketing something new to talk about, they’ll refer to it as “The New MG6”; ignoring the fact that the SIAC is already 3 or 4 years old and already mostly forgotten.
      Like most other manufacturers, they’ll probably also simultaneously refer to a “substantial improvement in quality”, even if there’s no such thing! (That’s not just aimed at the Chinese; the first time I came across that particular gem was when the Princess 2 was launched!)
      But, combine the word “new”, with a car most buyers have never heard of and they may get some mileage out of it – unless they see a few virtually identical ex Avis hire cars for sale on the used lot on the way into the showroom.
      Let’s see what happens….

  6. Well i hope it works. Hopefully this and the new SUV will boost sales . I believe that the old MG 6 was a good car, somewhat underrated and these new changes car only mean good.

  7. They must be jokers if that’s a ‘teaser’. It looks as though it could almost be any other modern car on the road. I must confess to being completely underwhelmed with anticipation. Is this why every time I see a Chinaman he is smiling at me?

  8. MG Phoenix in Paisley took my details, as the rep is getting “training” for the new car in Longbridge and the cars won’t be available for test drive before….
    The 9th of May (2015) Seems like a very long teaser for a MKII version of a car that doesn’t sell that much. No rear wiper on a hatchback? Is it back to 1972 when the R5 didn’t get this accessory as standard…

  9. In fairness to MG the new” Upgraded “6” is a huge improvement on the earlier model the subtle facelift makes a big difference both with new slimmer looking headlights and rear tail lights & the new 1.9 L Diesel engine its great value for the Money & looks very well in in Red

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