Achive : B.M.C. Strike Loss Of 25,000 Vehicles

After a two-week disruption of production estimated to have caused the loss of £12m. in turnover and about 25,000 vehicles, British Motor Corporation employees will be getting back to work today after the settlement of an official strike by 55 electricians at the corporation’s tractor and transmissions branch in Birmingham.

The electricians will resume today and about 25,000 of the 35,000 other car workers in Birmingham, Oxford and Coventry who were laid off because of the strike have been told to report today. Others report back tomorrow or Wednesday, by when all assembly lines should be back to normal. A statement issued by the British Motor Corporation on Saturday said that in reaching a settlement of the dispute they had been “influenced by the fact that the livelihood of over 50,000 workers was affected.”

The statement detailed terms of the settlement under which 23 electricians’ mates will get an extra bonus of 5s. 4d. a week and pointed out that this had replaced an offer of 10s 8d. a week to 11 of the 23 which the union refused to accept on the basis that there should be increases for all. The B.M.C said that the 24s. 6d. bonus for “A” grade electricians and 18s. 6d. for “B” grade men which had been accepted in the settlement had been offered during discussions last September.

Keith Adams

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