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The reprimand of a new employee because of his standard of work led to stoppages by his workmates which resulted in 1,000 assembly line workers being sent home from Morris Motors factory at Cowley at midday today.

A supervisor on the paint line of the Mini-Minor model spoke to a new worker with only three months’ experience on the job. This caused the rest of the section to stop work and the assembly line of the Mini-Minor was closed down within a couple of hours. Another section on the paint line, men working on the Wolseley, Riley and M.G. range, stopped in sympathy and at midday the assembly of these models also came to a standstill. A management official said the stoppages would cost the company the production of 200 cars.

The men say that the stoppage was caused when they were denied the right to consult a senior shop steward. The factory will be open for normal work again tomorrow.

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