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The 2,500 night shift workers at the Cowley factory of the Pressed Steel Company here are to work a four-an-a-half night week which will bring them into line with night workers at the neighbouring British Motor Corporation factory of Morris Motors, Ltd., and other sections of the motor industry.

Although preferring the present arrangement-a 42-hour week spread evenly over five nights-the management said it was prepared to operate the four-and-a-half- night week if there was sufficient demand for it. At a meeting last night it was the overwhelming majority decision of the men that they wanted four long shifts of nine- and-a-half hours and one short shift of four hours on Fridays.

2,000 Car Workers Will Be Idle

Two thousand car workers at Cowley, Oxford, will be idle tomorrow because of the strike by 50 die repairers over the dismissal of one man at the Swindon factory of the Pressed Steel Company.

The stoppage at Swindon led to a holdup in supplies to the Cowley factory, where by tonight 500 men on British Motor Corporation car body production had been laid off. This resulted in the halting of body supplies to Morris Motors, where it was announced this afternoon that 1,500 men would be made idle until next Wednesday.

Production of the Morris Oxford, Wolseley 15160, Riley 4168, M.G. Magnette, and Wolseley 6/99 is expected to close down tonight. It is estimated that there will be a total loss of about 1,000 vehicles.  At Pressed Steel’s Swindon factory about 800 men are idle because of the strike. The management say the dismissed man was unsuitable, but the die repairers claim he was victimized.

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