Archive : 4500 Men Made Idle By Car Dispute


Production at Morris Motors, Oxford. came to a stop today because of a dispute over piecework rates at the Pressed Steel Company, who make bodies for British Motor Corporation cars. Between 4,500 and 5,000 men at Morris Motors were affected. The Morris Motors management said today that at first 1,200 men working on the Morris Oxford, Riley, Wolseley, and M.G. lines were affected.

“These included a small number of day workers. As a result of this and in protest at the amount of time lost recently through strikes at other factories, the remainder of the day workers stopped at lunch time. This unofficial and unconstitutional action forced the management to close all assembly lines at 2 p.m. The men have been told to report at the normal time tomorrow.”

Some of the men decided at a lunchtime meeting that in future if any day workers were sent home because of disputes at other factories the rest would stop work.


At Birmingham nearly 200 workers were sent home from Morris Commercial Cars following a pay strike by eighty tool-setters,
Other workers are expected to be affected later this week.

Keith Adams

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