Archive : 5000 idle at British Leyland

A pay dispute which has hit car production at the Austin-Morris factory in Longbridge, Birmingham caused more lay-offs yesterday. Six hundred men were sent home from British Leyland’s car bodv factory in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, making a total of 1,300 idle there.

Another 3,600 are without work at Longbridge, where a work-to- rule by 80 rectifiers over pay and status has stopped Mini and 1800 output The dispute has so far cost British Leyland production of 4000 vehicles worth £3m. Yesterday, senior British Leyland shop stewards called for more strikes against the Industrial Relations Bill.

The executive of the unofficial British Leyland combined trade union committee, urged 180,000 car workers to support the one day stoppage ordered by the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers for March 18.

Keith Adams

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